Not only Tesla is coming to Mexico... Lamborghini could settle in Nayarit, says governor

Miguel Ángel Navarro, governor of Nayarit, assured that he had a meeting with the representative of Lamborghini in Mexico to propose an investment in the entity.

Bahía de Banderas could be home to the first automobile factory of the Lamborghini sports vehicle company, said the governor of Nayarit, Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero, who assured that he had approaches with the Italian company to invite it to invest in the entity.

In addition to a plant, a hotel could be installed in the Nuevo Nayarit area—formerly Nuevo Vallarta—, but they will begin with feasibility studies, the president said.

He said that he recently met with the firm’s representative in Mexico, but did not give details; however, he said that they agreed to review different conditions.

“I spoke a few weeks ago with the Lamborghini representative here in the country, he had to do a comprehensive study that I requested in order to be able to set up a headquarters, a plant for Lamborghini vehicles here in the country,” declared Navarro Quintero.

He highlighted the possibility that a Lamborghini brand hotel could also be built in the same tourist area of Nayarit.


“In addition, they need to invest in tourist headquarters and in a Lamborghini hotel,” the governor told the media.

He explained that the conditions of security and legal certainty, certainty for his investments, as well as the availability of water and electrical energy from the three generating dams that exist in the entity, were what interested the businessman.

He also said that the connectivity and geographical location of the entity was part of the proposal to attract this plant, which he highlighted, seeks to make it a manufacturer of vehicles and not just its parts or assembly.

“Right now they also place Nayarit in a geographic point that can be linked to the rest of the country and the rest of the world by consolidating some projects such as Puerto Nayarit,” and the improvement and increase in flights at the Tepic international airport.

In addition, he proposed to the representative of Lamborghini México, facilities regarding taxes, permits and other issues that the state and the municipality of Bahía de Banderas or any other of the 20 of the entity could provide.

If this project comes to fruition, it would be the first of its kind to have the Lamborghini brand in Mexico, since until now there is only one dealership and showroom in Mexico City.

It is based in Sant’Agata Bolognese in Italy and that is where these exclusive sports cars are manufactured, so there are no assemblers or others outside that country.

But there is a possibility, since in 1995, the Mexican Jorge Antonio Fernández or as he calls himself, “Joan Ferci”, acquired a license for the brand during one of its crises, under the approval of Michael J. Kimberly, CEO of Lamborghini in Italy, and constituted Lamborghini Latin America.

Lamborghini Latin America can only manufacture models based on designs prior to 1998, when the brand did not belong to the Volkswagen Group, since it has refused to recognize the contract it had with the previous administration.

In 2020, the possibility was spread that Joan Ferci’s company could set up shop in Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo, but it did not happen due to the legal issues represented by the conflict over the contract, although it has tried to set up shop in different places such as Argentina in 2022.

Lamborghini Latin America has only been able to launch its designs based on the Diablo, Coatl and Alar models on the market.

Author: Karina Cancino

15 de septiembre de 2023


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