Jorge Antonio Fernández García (better known in the automotive world as Joan Ferci), who had gained experience in the automotive market as a supplier of electronic equipment for Chrysler, and later became Lamborghini representative for Mexico and Latin America, took his chance and in August 1995 secured Lamborghini’s trademark rights for Latin America exclusively and non-exclusively worldwide. As a man with “petrol in his blood”, the market for supercars in Latin America was at that time uninteresting for the former parent company. He had only sold 23 cars in Latin America at that time. The belief in the intrinsic value of the brand, in the fascination that this name evokes in many people, is the key to our success. In the meantime, an international team has been formed around the founder Joan Ferci, which pursues two major goals:

  1. Explore new horizons and be pioneers in quality, development and technology for all Lamborghini products.
  2. Manufacture Lamborghini automobiles, with the challenges of the present and future driving Latin American industries, without losing the essence of craftsmanship and seeking the social good.

Licenses “Automóviles Lamborghini Latinoamérica” for a wide range of products. Consulting on marketing and advertising for their products. Extensive experience of our technical-legal team.

Analysis of the economic sector. Know How based on management methods and dynamic models.

General import/export advice.

We take care of the design, the manufacturing process and the import of the product you are interested in. Contact us for further information.

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